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Vietnam Climate

Vietnam's weather varies widely from north to south of the country with distintive seasons, due to geographical diversity.

The north is cooler than the rest of the country. This part can be quite chilly from December to February. The sky is always grey. In the spring, the temperature is cool and the weather wet from January to March. In the remote mountainous region like Sapa, Bac Ha, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Lang Son, the day time temperature can reach 9 degrees celcius, sometimes 2 or 3oC.  The north will warm up from March to May with nice weather. The summer lasts from June to September, the north is hot at around 33 - 37oC on average with heavy rainfall. It is a low season for international tourism in Vietnam, because of its hot and rainy temperature, storms, floods. In autumn, the day time temperature is cool from September to November. Nice weather: blue sky, sun, wind. The best time to travel to Vietnam north is from September to April.

Central Vietnam experiences a transitional climate, a warm weather from July to October, wet and cold weather from November to May. In summer, the weather is dry and hot. There are typhoons sometimes from August to October. Thus, you may interrup your travel plans if you travel overland to Hue, Danang, Hoian and Nha Trang.
In the South, temperatures are fairly constant through the year: 25 - 35ºC. The climate in the Mekong Delta is sub-equatorial with two main seasons. The wet (rainy) season lasts from May to October with short, sharp drenching downpours occurring almost every day. The dry season runs from November to April. The hottest period is March and April. Typhoons are quite common in coastal areas between July and November.

Lunar New Year (TET holiday in Vietnam) is celebrated across the country in late January and early February. During this period, airlines, buses, cars are filled up. Restaurants, shops, tourist sites are closed, due to festive activities. So, it is not recommended to travel to Vietnam. If you really want to discover Vietnam during this time, you may, in recompensation, enjoy the real festive celebrations throughout Vietnam with traditional dances, fighting coqs, pilgrimages to temples and pagodas.