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Halong Bay


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Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Welcome to Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province !

Located in the north of Vietnam East Sea, 170 km east of Hanoi, Halong bay is one of the country's most famous tourist attractions.  Halong Bay was listed on December 17, 1994 by UNESCO ''Worl Natural Heritage Area'' at 18th meeting of World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in Thailand, an outstanding natural beauty known as both in Vietnam and around the world. On December 12, 2000 Halong Bay was recognized as world natural heritage for the second time based on its geological value.

The bay became famous since the movie ''Indochine'' was realized with French star Catherine Deneuve in 1991. Halong bay covers an area of 1,500 square kilometers with more than 2,000 islands and limestone islets rising from emerald water. Among many pleasant beaches, along its winding coastline is Bai Chay in Halong City and the peaceful coves of Cat Ba Island. Halong Bay is home to 232 species of coral as well as a wealth of fish, shrimps, shellfish and other sea creatures. The area's salt water-flooded forests have the most diversified collection of species of salt water-flooded plants in northern Vietnam. There also are 14 endemic species of plants in Halong Bay. Many animals live in this area, including 200 species of migrating birds, 10 species of reptiles, deer, weasels, squirrel and white-rumped leaf and white-head leaf monkeys.

The bay is filled with thousands of islets of all shapes and sizes. A wide variety of birds and animals including bantams, monkeys and iguanas live on the islands.Pearls and corals are also exploited in some areas. With its spectacular beauty, Halong bay is a wonderful destination. Tourists who visit Halong bay at any time of the year are always enthralled. The marine reserve in the bay is very flourishing and offers a great potential for kayaking.